Labguru Grants FREE Access* for COVID-19 Treatment Developers

Fighting COVID-19 pandemic is probably the most important global effort of our time.


We at Labguru believe that EVERYONE should do whatever they can to take part in this effort.


Our Labguru platform is already in use by over 80,000 researchers, all over the world who choose to accelerate and make their bio and pharma dev work faster and more efficient.


We want to help boost those resource tight COVID-19 treatment development initiatives from academic institutions, non-profit organizations and small startups by granting them FREE access* to the Labguru ELN platform.


Together, humanity will prevail.

Labguru ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook) allows more efficient lab operations and improved research output. It streamlines the planning and documenting of experiments, tracking progress, simplifying lab logistics, and sharing results.


Labguru COVID-19 initiative offering:

  • Access to Labguru ELN for FREE*  allowing COVID-19 therapeutics and vaccine developers to power-boost their research

  • Labguru team full commitment to help you set up Labguru as quickly as possible and support you 

  • Free access to Labguru Academy tutorials and videos**

Labguru COVID-19 Free Access Application Form

Apply for the Labguru COVID-19 FREE access, or let us know how we can otherwise support your COVID-19 treatment initiative, by filling the form below:


Using Labguru can improve and speed-up research development and lab work, especially in time of social distancing and limited lab time:

Team Communication & Collaboration
Lab work planning & resource management
Data Management & Regulation
Quick & Easy

*Free access will be offered to academic labs, pro-bono organizations and start-up companies with up to 10 employees, all according to BioData discretion and at a total value of $1M for all licenses. 

**Free until further notice and at Biodata discretion

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About Us

While working in a lab himself, founder Jonathan Gross met the challenges of running a research group. It was here when he started using his programming skills to support a variety of tasks. BioData was founded in August 2007 when a young PI approached Jonathan asking him to develop an integrated system for his new lab.

That system is called Labguru.

In 2010, Holtzbrinck Publishing Group acquired an equity stake in BioData through Digital Science as part of their strategy – providing world-class software tools and services to scientists, companies, and institutions to make research more productive. With offices in the US, UK and Israel along with a great team, BioData has a rapidly growing base of thousands of enthusiastic customers. Experience Labguru for yourself and see how the ELN can help you.

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